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Starting the Conversation

For some families there comes a time when you realize your loved ones are having a hard time living without full time assistance. Embrace Aging MO wants to provide you with resources to have a discussion about long term care and to make the selection of a facility that meets your family member's unique needs. Stop stressing over what their health bring in the future and start the conversation today. Many of these sources come from Care but we have also provided local sources specific to Missouri. 

Early Signs for Long Term Care Needs

Here are some signs that you or your loved one could qualify for long term care:

Emotional and Social

  • Feel lonely or depressed

  • Feel frustrated or stressed

  • Take less interest in things previously enjoyed

  • Avoid people and social interaction

Physical and Medical

  • Sleep more often or have less energy

  • Notice a change in eating habits

  • Have difficulty walking, dressing, eating or bathing

  • Have trouble cleaning or maintaining a household

  • Fall more often or bruise more easily

  • Need medical attention or additional personal care

  • Take medication that you think needs to be adjusted

  • Need daily/weekly treatments, such as dialysis or IV therapy

  • Use medical equipment, such as an oxygen tank

Selecting a Long Term Care Facility

1. Understand Long Term Care

There is a lot of information out there regarding long term care facilities and a lot of criteria to use to make your decision. Unfortunately, there are also a lot of misconceptions about skilled nursing facilities or nursing homes. CLICK HERE to explore some facts vs myths to help you make the most informed decision.


2. Find and Evaluate Facilities Near You

Once you feel like you understand what it entails to enter into skilled nursing, you should look for facilities in your loved one's community of choice. CLICK HERE to find homes near you!

Some other criteria (besides location) you can base your decision off of is the Centers for Medicaid and Medicare Services (CMS)  five-star quality rating system. It is important to note that while this might be a valuable guide, it shouldn't be the only resource you utilize to make your decision in long term care. It is important to visit the home before deciding for or against a facility. Click on the image below to download an info graph explaining the five star quality rating system.

5 star system explained.png

3. Visit the Facility and Ask Your Questions

Facilities across the state are happy to welcome you in and show you around your loved one's potential new home.  Feel free to reach out and request a tour of the skilled nursing facility. They are happy to answer any questions you may have! If you aren't sure to ask, CLICK HERE to download a worksheet you can use during your facility tour to answer any questions you have and check off facility features you would like. 


4. Find a Payment Option For Your Family

Paying for someone to live in an acute medical care setting isn't always an easy discussion to have. CLICK HERE to view a guide to figure out the best payment model for your loved one's care and what you can expect when transitioning to long term care. 




Established in 1949, MHCA is the largest long term care trade association in Missouri, representing a diverse, well-rounded membership base including more not-for-profit and proprietary members than any other association in the state. MHCA serves the entire continuum of care with a diverse membership of skilled nursing facilities, intermediate care facilities, assisted living facilities, residential care facilities, adult day care, home health and hospice. The association advocates on behalf of the long term care industry to prevent the passage of harmful laws and regulations, and in support of necessary changes to state and federal laws and regulations.


LeadingAge Missouri was founded in 1969 and is devoted to furthering the interests across the entire continuum of senior care including nursing facilities, assisted and residential care communities, senior housing communities, adult day providers, home health providers, hospice providers, and other home and community based providers. LeadingAge Missouri's vision is of a long term care system that offers accessible, affordable, high-quality and innovative health care, housing, and community services in a manner in which self-determination, compassion, benevolence, individual integrity, diversity, and social responsibility are valued and promoted.

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